August 2, 2018

External Sponsors

External Sponsors

Assist and Coordinate Large and Complex Proposal Efforts

Support cooperative and collaborative research activities at Mason by expanding Mason’s capacity to strategically pursue major multi-and interdisciplinary, team based research initiatives.

    • Coordinating large and complex proposal efforts, including assistance with strategic development of research, program project, center, consortium, research training and cooperative grant proposals;
    • Serving as a nexus of information regarding large, team based research activites;
    • Developing internal and external strategic alliances to help build effective teams, translate research discoveries and provide access to collective research resources;
    • Developing and implementing appropriate tools to maximize the benefits of social networking and knowledge management across the University’s research enterprise;
    • Fostering relationships with funding agencies, foundations and professional societies to gain access to new and evolving research priorities and corresponding funding programs.

Contact Aurali Dade at or 993-5381 to discuss assistance for large or complex multidisciplinary proposals.